Green Country Décor

Green Country Décor

Green Country Décor uses the science of comfort to design the world’s most comfortable patio furniture. There’s nothing more important than quality and comfort when it comes to outdoor furniture. We have all the designs and styles that will help you appreciate the beauty that your lawn has to offer.

Poly Furniture

Poly Furniture (also known as resin furniture), is crafted from an eco-friendly, post-consumer material (recycled milk jugs, and other plastic materials) by RPI that is designed to last decades, even when exposed to the elements.  For every 1000 milk jugs, 100 lbs. of  Poly Lumber is produced otherwise destined for landfills, and made into beautiful pieces of long lasting furniture.

Maintenance Free

Another benefit in Poly Furniture, it is virtually maintenance free. Unlike wood outdoor furniture that must be frequently repainted, treated and cleaned of mildew – Poly Furniture maintains its beauty for decades. It is easy to clean from time to time with a little soap and water, or can easily be pressure cleaned without worry of taking off paint. If it is scratched or dinged, it is hardly noticeable since poly colors are true throughout the product – not just at the surface.