Where Reliability Will Meet Ultimate Control in a Stand-On Mower
Get ready to step into the future of lawn care with Yakta’s YXS 720 stand-on mower. This mower will be made for top-notch performance and the maneuverability you need for high-quality lawn care. We are building a machine to give commercial landscapers and property owners all day precision with the power of a 30.5 HP Kawasaki engine plus Hydro-Gear PR pumps and HGM-15H motors. Look forward to getting the exact cut you want thanks to the spring-assisted deck lift and quick-adjust speed control handles.
To withstand your toughest terrain, this smooth ride will be built with a durable 7-gauge deck, 3/16″ caster arm, and shock-absorbing suspension platform. With the deck-mounted engine on this stand-on mower and the largest fuel capacity for a stand on, minimal downtime is just around the corner. And, if something happens, you’ll be covered by Yakta’s unmatched 5-year/2,000-hour warranty. The YXS 720 is going to be more than just a stand-on mower, it’ll be the durable, efficient, and reliable partner you need to stand up to the challenges of top-notch lawn care.

54″, 61″

Deck Size
30.5 HP
17 gal
Fuel Capacity

Standard Features YXS 720

Keep your head up while looking at your console and accessing what you need for the job without having to reach under the drive sticks.
Don’t stop until you’re done thanks to two molded tanks and a 17-gallon fuel capacity.
The engine and belts move together to reduce stress. Loads of space for regular maintenance.
Don’t worry about what’s on the deck, the spring-assisted lift makes it easy to adjust the height of the cutting deck.
Choose exactly how fast you want to go. Pull the handle to adjust at a moment’s notice.
Handle tough terrain with durable 3/8″ caster forks, flat-free front tires, and a strong I-beam caster arm made of 3/16″ steel.


Mower Engines

Kawasaki FX781V EVO

Kawasaki Engines have a proven record of putting customer trust at the heart of every decision they make. Kawasaki will power the YXS 720 because of our shared drive to build reliable, high-performing stand-on mowers that solve the problems operator face.

Kawasaki FX781V EVO

  • 30.5 HP
  • 822 CC
  • Keep going longer than any other stand-on mower thanks to the 17-gallon fuel capacity.
  • Easy oil changes with the tool-free oil drain extension and twist-off filter.
Drive System

Hydro-Gear HGM-15H motors and PR pumps

Through their bold and forward thinking, Hydro-Gear has become a leading manufacturer of pumps, motors, and transaxles. Building success by providing exceptional control to customers is why Yakta will partner with Hydro-Gear for our stand-on mowers.

  • Hydro-Gear HGM-15H motors and PR pumps give you effortless and effective performance.
  • You’ll get going quickly with speeds up to 11 mph.
  • Pulling on the dedicated lever will quickly engage the parking brake.
Mower Decks
Get the right traction to tackle tough terrain and keep you from slipping on hills with the right zero-turn tires. The YXS 720 will have 24″ Turf Armor drive tires to help distribute the weight of the mower, giving you better mower performance, cut quality, and traction. The 13” front tires will let you face any path without hesitation.
Mower Tires
Navigate with ease and agility with the 22″ Turf Armor drive tires, featuring a unique tread pattern that gives you superior traction and even tire pressure to protect your lawn from damage. And you can feel confident conquering your terrain thanks to the 13″ front tires on the YXR 410 zero-turn riding lawn mower.

54″ YXS 720 stand-on mower:

  • 56″ wide (with chute up) x 50″ high (with handles down) x 69″ long.

61″ YXS 720 stand-on mower:

  • 63″ wide (with chute up) x 50″ high (with handles down) x 69″ long.

Approximate Weight: 1,196 lbs-1,216 lbs

Stands up strong in the face of a challenge

Stands up strong in the face of a challenge